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MECA offers 8 models of 7/16 DIN-Male low PIM terminaitons with average power ratings from 10 - 250 watts and available in frequencies from 0.380 – 2.7 GHz.

LPT30-DM, 7/16 DIN Male, 30 Watts, 0.380-2.7 GHz

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LPT30-DM, 7/16 DIN Male, 30 Watts, 0.380-2.7 GHz
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LPT30-DM, 7/16 DIN Male, 30 Watts, 0.380-2.7 GHzLPT30-DM, 7/16 DIN Male, 30 Watts, 0.380-2.7 GHzLPT30-DM, 7/16 DIN Male, 30 Watts, 0.380-2.7 GHz
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MECA Electronics is pleased to announce its latest low PIM,7/16 DIN-Male termination/load with industry leading -161 dBc (typical) passive intermodulation! The LPT30-DM termination covers the 0.380 – 2.700 GHz frequency band and is deal for IDAS / ODAS, In-Building, base station, wireless infrastructure, 4G, and AWS applications. VSRW = 1.15:1 (typical). MADE IN USA and 36-month warranty!

When selecting a termination for a given connector style, one must determine the amount of power that needs to be absorbed and the acceptable level of reflection (VSWR) that can be tolerated over the given frequency range. MECA offers a wide selection of terminations from stock ready for your just-in-time shipments. With immediate access to our Application Engineers, you can choose the best product solutions for your specific needs.

1. Passive Intermodulation Distortion:
-161 dBc typical, with 2 X 20 watt tones verified at 1900 MHz (<-155 dBc) @25ºC
2. 50 ohms nominal impedance is standard
3. Operating temperature from -55°C to +85°C
4. Rated power is at 85°C ambient temperature through natural air convection

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