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MECA Electronics is pleased to announce its latest millimeter-wave products ideal for Sat-Com and 5G Networks, now with expanded capabilities up to 40 GHz. MADE IN USA. 36-month warranty!

500-1K, 100 Watts, 2.92mm, 250KHz-40.0 GHz

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500-1K, 100 Watts, 2.92mm, 250KHz-40.0 GHz
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500-1K, 100 Watts, 2.92mm, 250KHz-40.0 GHz500-1K, 100 Watts, 2.92mm, 250KHz-40.0 GHz500-1K, 100 Watts, 2.92mm, 250KHz-40.0 GHz
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DC Blocks are primarily used in applications to inject/remove DC currents or voltages in RF circuits without affecting the RF signal through the main transmission path. DC Blocks RoHS compliant, INNER, OUTER & INNER/OUTER DC Blocks cover wireless band applications from 0.400 – 3.000 GHz. Available in N, BNC, TNC, SMA & 7/16 DIN configurations with RF power ratings to 500 watts (2.5 kW peak) and breakdown voltages to 2.5 kV making them ideal for eliminating unwanted DC voltages or surges to tower top amplifiers or sensitive lab equipment. Most models available STOCK - 2 weeks ARO. Made in USA.

1. 50 Ohms nominal impedance is standard
2. Operating temperature from -35°C to +85°C

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