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Reverse Polarity Attenuator

MECA's Reverse Polarity attenuators cover all commercial wireless bands from Hz - 4.0 GHz and are available from STOCK in 3, 6, 10, 20 & 30 dB. Reverse polarity is a variation of the standard connector which reverses the polarity of the interface to female contact pins into the male connectors and male contact pins into the female connectors. RP connectors are widely used by Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN equipment manufacturers to comply with FCC regulations to prevent consumers from connecting gain antennas to these systems. MECA manufactures RP attenuators designed specifically for high performanceWi-Fi and Wireless LAN systems. Available from STOCK – 2 weeks ARO. Made in USA.

612-10-3RP, 2 Watts, DC-4.0 GHz

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612-10-3RP, 2 Watts, DC-4.0 GHz
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612-10-3RP, 2 Watts, DC-4.0 GHz612-10-3RP, 2 Watts, DC-4.0 GHz612-10-3RP, 2 Watts, DC-4.0 GHz
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MECA’s 612-10-3RP Reverse Polarity (Male/Female) fixed attenuator features a frequency range of DC-4.0 GHz, an average power rating of 2 watts and is available from STOCK in 3, 6, 10, 20 & 30 dB values. ROHS Compliant. To order, please specify an attenuation value in place of dB. EXAMPLE: 612-10-3RP for 10 dB.

Specifying Tip:
For best results when selecting an RF attenuator for a given connector style, make sure to consider the amount of power being absorbed and the acceptable level of reflection (VSWR) that can be tolerated over the operating frequency range.

1. Average power at 25°C derated linearly to 0 Watt at +125°C.
2. Includes all variations (i.e. Frequency Sensitivity, Temperature, etc).
3. Impedance (Nominal): 50 Ohms.

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